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Promoter Line Sports Division

Venue Selection and Management

 After determining your event model and supporting budget – you will need to find a venue or location that meets your objectives and fits with your plan in the short term (not necessarily the duration).

We can help you find the “best” venue; one that fits your vision and the events pocketbook. The “best” venue is determined by a number of factors – proximity to your targeted market, adequate infrastructure to support the event, affordability, and relationship structure (event partner or strictly a rental arrangement).
Promoter Line can assist in the research and selection of event locations and venues. Having produced events in every region of this country, we know the “best” venues and have the relationships to expedite the process.

Once the venue is selected, the planning and permitting process begins; determining what permissions are needed from private landowners or local, county, state and/or federal agencies. Promoter Line can help you research and analyze risk management and liability insurance considerations to secure and ensure safety for the courses and venue layouts you envision.

Smart venue selection and seamless venue management can make or break any event. For this reason, the Promoter Line team specializes (and most highly values) attention to detail, professional relationships and responsiveness. They are ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with:

  • Venue permitting and siteplans
  • Overall venue layout to create the best participant/spectator experience – design of event start-finish areas, tents, fencing, structures
  • Lifestyle/Health and Fitness/ or general sponsor EXPO layout/design
  • Event Hospitality (pre-and post event)
  • Event parking and shuttle transportation
  • Assistance with execution of sponsor/event partnership agreements
  • Talent booking and show production