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Promoter Line Sports Division

Technical Operations and Event Logistics

 Cause-related or competitive cycling and running events are what Promoter Line excels in – but in many ways an event is an event – no matter the event orientation – each one requires technical execution and operations expertise to insure success.

From the initial development of each course, the production of course maps and signage, the solicitation of event contractors and vendors, Promoter Line has the experience and know-how that is critical to the success of any event.


We are hands-on – on the ground each step of the way – planning and executing each event component. Planning and permitting, working with all the critical jurisdictions (police/fire/medical), developing an event communications plan, determining and planning staff and volunteer requirements, while ensuring that all of the above fits within the realm of the event’s overall Strategic Plan.



Execution is the keystone of an event’s success and future – professional production helps insure the future.  Allow Promoter Line, Inc. to assist you with:

  • Specific course design
  • Permitting – multi-jurisdictional (police, fire and medical) and local, county, state and/ or federal government
  • Course maps – design and development
  • Course logs – times, turn-by-turns and mileage
  • Course signage
  • Incident Management planning – police, fire and medical agency coordination
  • Event Communications – two way radios, cell phones
  • Support planning and logistics – aid stations, SAG vehicles, volunteers, supply transport
  • Vendor and contractor recruitment and solicitation.