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Strategic Planning Assistance

Typically events need 3-5 years to reap the rewards of the initial time and money invested in them.  The path is littered with challenges and opportunities, thus an effective Strategic Plan is the key to surviving the first few years. 

With over 100 years of combined experience and insight in event management, the Promoter Line team can assist you in developing and/or implementing every aspect of your Strategic Plan.

Events are more than what you see on event day, from all perspectives – community, economic and environmental. Short and long-term strategic planning is critical to the success of an event. From choosing the “right” venue to sourcing contractors and vendors to onsite staffing of volunteers – each step needs a Plan.

Determining revenues and expenses during the initial event budget planning phase requires fully understanding the dynamic nature of events and all the financial and liability risks and rewards that accompany them. Once an initial budget is in place, strategies involving event organization and business and operations plans are just a few of the myriad of other planning elements that will need to follow.
Come to Promoter Line, Inc. with your vision and we will develop a Strategic Plan to execute that vision – that is the Promoter Line way.”